Got a Car? Enjoy our CarTray.

Experience business class in your car with our patent pending car accessory.


What is CarTray?

For the first time, CarTray helps you use your car in a new way.

With whooping 82 in² workspace, you can reimagine what you can do in your car.

Although you are limited by your imagination, below are some ways your CarTray can benefit you:

Enjoy the hot meal you ordered, while it's still hot & fresh.

Quickly open your laptop and impress your co-workers or take load off for quality time with family later.

On a digital diet? Comfortably put your nose in a book.

Easily start or join video calls hands-free while charging the phone.

  • Comfort in the sky.

  • Comfort on the road.

Comfort in the sky.

Comfort on the road.

Car. Reimagined.