Eating in the car: Pros, Cons, and things to keep in mind. An ultimate guide.

Eating in the car is the new trend. Thanks to modern, comfortable cars, eating in the car has never been so comfortable.

While eating in the car is a cool thing to do, you need to keep certain things in mind before you sign up for this new joyful adventure that is associated with some risks. However, carefully planned to eat in the car will lead to a memorable experience. 


  • Privacy: How about some me-time? This benefit almost always trumps all other benefits. There probably is no other place in your life where you are alone. If you wanted to enjoy a meal with no one to bother you, then your car is the best place. Some people are conscious about their favorite food choices (meat, smell, etc.). For some people, lunch is the only time for quietness and reflection. For some people, being around others is taxing. No matter what your reason for privacy is, eating in the car offers what you are looking for. 

  • Hygiene: Want to eat clean? Your car is a personal space. Unlike lunchrooms or dining tables, your car is as clean as you keep it. If hygiene is one of your considerations for eating, then nothing beats your car environment.  

  • Comfort: Your car eating is adjustable and can customize to your needs. Unlike fixed dining tables at work or in restaurants, you can adjust the seat and steering wheel (if you are using CarTray) to your perfect comfort. Oh, while on comfort, how about adjusting the car temperature to your choice and listening to your favorite track? How is that for next-level comfort?

  • Change of scenery: Do you ever get tired of looking at the computer or working in the same room? Being in nature is a proven remedy for stress. You choose what you want to look out the window. Do you enjoy looking at the trees? How about skies or watching birds? Change the scenery while doing a favorite task of eating to get ready for rest of the day. Did you know 20-minutes in nature can help relieve stress? See this Harvard article (

  • On-the-go dining: Did you ever feel like the day is so busy that you don’t have time for a meal? On an action-packed day, eating feels like a task, especially when you consider all that needs to happen around eating. Thankfully, eating in the car makes it as fast as it can be. If you pair with a drive-thru, eating in the car is the fastest way to revitalize your body.  


  • Accidents happen: If you are going to wing it and eat without a CarTray, you are prone to food accidents. Not sure what the cost of this accident for you - maybe it is an embarrassing food stain on your clothes before you go back to work or maybe it is damaging your computer or important documents- whatever the chance of damage is, know the risks of eating without CarTray. 

  • Interior damage: Accidental spills or drop of food in the tight nooks is an invitation for ants and other food thirsty bugs and animals. The damage because of left-out food is slow and unnoticeable until too late. 

  • Insurance not covering the damage: Personal damage or damage to the car might not be covered under your insurance. This is where stick in time saves nine later is worth remembering.  

How to have the best eating in the car experience? 

Get a CarTray: With CarTray you are avoiding all the risks and setting yourself for a pleasurable eating-in-the-car experience. We have done all the hard work for you so you can enjoy the best experience possible.

Remember your settings: You possibly drive and eat at different comforts. Adjust your seat and steering wheel and save the settings. In most modern cars you can create multiple driver profiles.   

Plan: Make sure you have all you needed to eat in the car. Spoon, fork, knife, straw, napkins, water, etc. Did we say with each CarTray purchase we include a free custom-made wooden cutlery set?  

Storage: If you are using a CarTray then we make it easy to stow away your CarTray with a free custom-made laptop bag. After every use, you can leave the bag on the floor or the seatback pocket for quick next time access. 

We wish you a safe and enjoyable eating-in-the-car experience.