CarTray | Driver Side
CarTray | Driver Side
CarTray | Driver Side
CarTray | Driver Side
CarTray | Driver Side

CarTray | Driver Side

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Current status: Finalizing production details

CarTray | Driver side will change the way you look at your car. Traditionally cars have been driven for about 3% and the rest of the time parked. You can now enjoy your car even when parked. 

CheckUniversal fit 🌏

CheckNo installation needed 🛠️

CheckEnjoy a hot meal in your car 🍜

CheckWork on your laptop in a comfortable posture 💻

CheckComfortably take video conferencing calls from your car 📳

CheckSoft silicone pieces so your steering wheel is not damaged 🧸

CheckRidges laptop side so it does not slide when you use your laptop 🔒

CheckCan take unto 10 lbs, that is almost ten standard burritos from Chipotle 🏋

CheckRead a book comfortably. In fact, better than reading on a table. 📖

CheckProvides for raised elbows for ergonomic work on CarTray 👍

CheckOrganize your utensils. Eat in your car like at your home. 🍴

CheckEnjoy a car picnic at your favorite scenic, relaxing place 🧘

CheckEnjoy using your phone hands-free while eating 📱

CheckCleaning is as easy as hosing under the water 💦

CheckContinue to charge your phone while using ⚡

CheckPerfect for right-handed or southpaw 🤲

CheckEasy to stow away 💼


Thank you for your trust in pre-ordering the CarTray | Driver Side. We are hard at work in getting yours ready and cannot wait to ship.